Determining Your Final Course Grade

Your grade will be comprised of the points your individual writing assignments accrue. 

**Please be aware that our schedule may change due to the nature of a writing course and the progress made by the class.


Assignments and Points – Advanced Composition for Future Teachers                Pts. Possible                Due Date        


Blog/Vlog Postings

Blog 1: “Theoretical Foundations”                                                                       10                           Friday, August 28

Blog 2: “Reading Classrooms…”                                                                         10                           Friday, September 4

Blog 3: “We Want to Work…”                                                                              10                           Friday, September 11


Blog 4:  Freedom Writers Response                                                                     10                           Friday, September 18


Blog 5: “Ideology and Life…”                                                                             10                            Friday, September 25


Blog 6: “Engaging Apolitical… “                                                                         10                            Friday, October 2


Blog 7:  The Partials                                                                                             10                            Friday, October 9


Blog 8:  English 130 Syllabus Response                                                              10                             Friday, October 16


Blog 9:  Classroom Observation                                                                           10                            Friday, October 23


Blog 10:  30 Ideas for teaching                                                                             10                             Friday, October 30


Blog 11:  Picking a Genre                                                                                     10                             Friday, November 6


Blog 12: “We Know What…”                                                                              10                           Friday, November 13


Blog 13: Reflection on Writing                                                                            10                            Friday, November 20

Blogs are worth a total of 130 points and 13% of your grade.


Microtheme Papers

Microtheme #1                                                                                                       170                        Sunday, September 13


Microtheme #2                                                                                                       170                        Sunday, October 11


Microtheme #3                                                                                                       170                         Sunday, November 15


Microtheme essays are worth a total of 510 points and 51% of your grade.




Midterm Video Response                                                                                     150                       Sunday, October 25

At Mid-term each of you will create a 6-minute video that highlights one of our course materials and how you conceptualize using the ideas in that source in your own classroom.  This video should analyze and synthesize how the pedagogy we have read informs us about the classroom.  You should be able to think of possible directions for this video through the Microtheme Essays and the daily Blog postings.  They should be an in-depth look at how the classroom and especially, reading and writing within it, works.  This video will be executed.  


The Mid-term Video Response will be worth 150 points and 15% of your grade.


Final Project                                                                                                            210                                  Friday, December 18 at 5 pm   The final in our class will be a project where you create a course design for either an elementary, middle-school, high-school, or college writing classroom. You will work on the course design during the last few weeks of the semester. 


This project will also include a pedagogical response that explains why you have utilized the materials you have chosen in your course design.   Both the course design and the pedagogical response are due for the final.  The same rules apply:  correct MLA or APA format, in-depth in scope, clean and clear grammar and spelling, and turned in to for compliance with rules of plagiarism.  

Your course design can be completed through many mediums (website, Word doc, Google Slides, Prezi, Excel Spreadsheet…). 

The Final Course design and pedagogical response are worth 220 points and 22% of your grade.