Online Course Considerations


I know that is can be hard to change to an online asynchronous modality.  I am going to miss seeing my students face-to-face.  I have tried to create a class that will be interesting and thought-provoking.  I know that there is a lot of reading and since we are not meeting in person, it can feel really busy and disconnected.  The reading is a way that the ideas we’re looking at are transmitted…No formal “class” means we need more time for reading and discussing!  We will have daily readings and a book.  Reading and Writing are the core components of this course. 

You should plan to check in on our website every day on Mondays through Fridays and you should be checking back in periodically during the weekend to prepare for the next week. All work postings will be completed and posted to Blackboard.  I will be posting weekly directions.  Please have the proper equipment needed to be successful in the course (a computer with internet access, books, and movies).  


An online class can have some roadblocks that you might not anticipate. Give yourself plenty of time to assimilate to our course through our webpage and Blackboard. You can do this!  Reach out for help if you need it!  I am here to help!