Monday, August 24th 

Course Information and Website Functionality 


Online courses require a lot of pre-planning and organization.  Sometimes students think that online courses will be "easier" than face to face classes, but in reality, the time you spend in class needs to be done outside of class and I'm not there to explain and clarify what we are doing.  As soon as possible, you should be getting familiar with the website and what we will be doing in the course.  


If you have questions about assignments, due dates, and course information you should be sure to contact me right away so we can all make sure that we are on the same page. You should be checking the website, and blackboard daily for information. 

Week 1:  August 24 to August 30

Reading: "Theoretical Foundations"

You can access the article by clicking on the picture in the course calendar. 


Everyone will complete a Blog or Vlog for this reading.  You can think a little more informally about this response.  You might want to pick one aspect of the article and consider it along with teaching practices that you have encountered or would like to attempt within your own classroom.  The blog/vlog is a way that you can begin to think about an idea you would like to address in your microtheme essay.  The blog should be at least 150 words or 3 minutes long if you are creating a vlog. 


You can choose to complete a microtheme paper for this article.  You will need to complete 3 microtheme papers during this course. In this paper, you should consider a more formal approach.  Organizational aspects of the paper are important. In the microtheme paper, you should be discussing an idea that you see tied to writing and reading practices in the classroom. Please don't just give a summary of the article, that is way too easy. Think about a theme or issue within the article that centers around classroom practices and how you could relate that to learning and helping students and discuss that.  It can launch off of the blog/vlog. 


These papers are 4 pages long in correct MLA or APA format and should cite all of your material properly. Spelling and grammar count, too. You should be quoting and citing in these papers and they should include a separate (not counted towards the 4-page minimum) Works Cited or Reference page.


Good luck!