Week 11:  November 2 - 8 

NWP website article review


This week I have you looking over the National Writing Project Web Site again (the link can be found on the course calendar).  Once on the website look at the list of Teaching Writing Topics. I'd like you to find an article that interests you about teaching practices and read it.  The blog could be a short summary of the article. 


Everyone will complete a Blog or Vlog for this reading.  You can think a little more informally about this response.  For this blog/vlog, I would like you to think about the material on the website and how it can help you to create a writing unit of course curriculum (which you will do next week).  


You can choose to complete a microtheme paper for this article.  You will need to complete 3 microtheme papers during this course. In this paper, you should consider a more formal approach.  Organizational aspects of the paper are important.  For the microtheme, I would like you to think of the ideas within the article and how they could be implemented in your classroom. Begin to think about what binding idea you would use to tie your curriculum together and tie it to the ideas in the article that you chose to read.   The microtheme paper is due by Sunday at midnight.


There have been some questions regarding the creation of a unit for a writing classroom. This is part of your final for our class. This portion will have you working with the idea that will centralize your unit and the scaffolding of assignments to get to your desired writing outcome from your students. I am expecting that you would create a 3 to 4-week design that would move students through different readings and writing projects.  You will be using this design in your final paper so, you need to be thinking about how your pedagogy (theory) supports the choices you have made. The unit can be for any grade.  Here is a prompt for the final paper to help you:


Alert Upcoming Assignment...

Final Project

Due:  Friday, December 18th by 5 pm!


The final in our class will be a project where you create a course design for either an elementary, middle-school, high-school, or college writing classroom. You will work on the course design during week 4. 


This project will also include a pedagogical response that explains why you have utilized the materials you have chosen in your course design.   Both the course design and the pedagogical response are due for the final.  The same rules apply:  correct MLA or APA, in-depth in scope, clean and clear grammar and spelling, and turned in to turnitin.com for compliance with rules of plagiarism.  


Your course design can be completed through many mediums (website, Word doc, Google Slides, Prezi, Excel Spreadsheet…). 


The Final Course design and pedagogical response are worth 210 points and 21% of your grade.