Week 13:  November 16 - 22 

Course Reflection


This week everyone will be writing or creating a video a reflection of the course. I'd really like your feedback about what you learned; what you think you might use in a classroom; how the course could be improved; and any other ideas or thoughts you have.


The rest of the week we will be completing our final project.  In addition to the assignment sequence that you created last week, there should be a teaching philosophy that includes pedagogy that supports your choices in your course sequence.  You can use any theory from our class or anything other theory that you are using.  I hope this has been an interesting and useful assignment.



Final Project

Due:  Friday, December 18 by 5 pm!


The final in our class will be a project where you create a course design for either an elementary, middle-school, high-school, or college writing classroom. You will work on the course design during week 4. 


This project will also include a pedagogical response that explains why you have utilized the materials you have chosen in your course design.   Both the course design and the pedagogical response are due for the final.  The same rules apply:  correct MLA or APA, in-depth in scope, clean and clear grammar and spelling, and turned in to turnitin.com for compliance with rules of plagiarism.  


Your course design can be completed through many mediums (website, Word doc, Google Slides, Prezi, Excel Spreadsheet…). 


The Final Course design and pedagogical response are worth 210 points and 21% of your grade.