Week Three:  September 8 - 13

Reading:   "We Want to Work with our Friends."  Diane Coccari

This week we are doing a little reflection and working with an Action Research Article, "We Want to Work with our Friends" by Diane Coccari.  This Action Research Project is really interesting, as it considers access and equity in the classroom. These are the issues you will face in your classrooms. Trust me!


You can access the article by clicking on the picture in the course calendar. 


Everyone will complete a Blog or Vlog for this reading.  For this blog/vlog, I want you to reflect upon some of your favorite classroom experiences. What made that classroom great? What were some of the teaching methods that you can look back on and why did they impact you?   This blog/vlog should be reflective in nature.  Please use proper English grammar and syntax.  The blog should be at least 150 words or 3 minutes for the vlog. 


You can choose to complete a microtheme paper for this article.  You will need to complete 3 microtheme papers during this course. In the microtheme paper, you should be discussing Coccari's ideas. Especially pay attention to the ideas of access and equity that she addresses in her Action Research Project.  One way that we become good teachers is to reflect upon our teaching practices.  Considering what is working and maybe even more importantly, not working, in our classrooms is important.  Coccari's research forces us to look closely at some of the natural pitfalls that we fall into as an instructor.  It can launch off of the blog/vlog. 


These papers are 4 pages long in correct MLA or APA format and should cite all of your material properly. Spelling and grammar count, too. You should be quoting and citing in these papers and they should include a separate (not counted towards the 4-page minimum) Works Cited or Reference page.

Your first microtheme is due by Sunday, September 13th at midnight. 

Good luck!