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Dead and Finals Week

In the last two weeks of the class we will work on our reflection and final project.


Dead Week and Finals Week - December 7 through 18

In these last few weeks of the course we will be working on our final. 

I will be expecting each of you to join me in a 15 to 30 minute office hour during these two weeks to go over your design.  Please email me at and I will set-up a Zoom meeting.

The final consists of two parts.

Part one:  Project

The project portion of your final will be due on Friday, December 18 by 5 pm.  This project will be designed by you and can be creative.  I would like you to think about the curriculum of the course and how it can relate to your world. We can discuss what kind of project you want to create.  

Part two:  Response

In the response portion of the final due at the same time, you will write a two-page paper that reflects upon the work of our class and discusses the project that you created.

October 26 through November 1


November 2 through 8

  •  midnight.

September 14 through 20


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