Week 13: Creating a Proposal




Activity:  Going over the Proposal

You will write a proposal that explores the possibilities for papers or projects given the research you are doing. The purpose is to carefully think through what you could do with what you have learned. The proposal should include these sections: 



·         Why are you interested in this issue related to the county/community/world you live in?

·         Who else is interested and why?

·         What is the history of this issue? How has it been talked about previously?

·         What are the various perspectives on the issue?


·         What is your research question(s)?

·         Summarize and analyze the research you have done to date. Think about your research - what are these authors up to? What are they saying? What are they doing?

·         Given more time, where would you go next in terms of research?


·         What kind of paper or project could come from your research? What would the project look like and what would it do?

·         How would you organize it?

·         Who do you imagine the audience to be?

·         What would be your purpose for composing this piece or creating this project?


·         What would you hope to get out of doing this project? 

·         What might a reader get out of reading it or viewing it?

·         What actions would you want your readers/viewers to take?


Works Cited--

·         Create a Works Cited page for the sources you reference in this proposal.




Activity:  Watch Comma Splices PowerPoint

Please watch this Powerpoint on how to fix grammar issues. Please watch this prior to class on Wednesday.


Activity:  Peer Review of Essay 2, The Proposal

 Please compete the Peer Review in class.  The Peer Review is due online the same day as the Proposal.  



The Proposal is due.  Please post to Blackboard. 

Your essay should be in MLA format and a minimum of 3 full to 4 pages.  Use your Diana Hacker A Pocket Style Manual to help you with basic MLA format.