Week 6: The Partials



Activity: The Dystopian Novel

After reading The Partials think about how the novel and The Hunger Games relate to one another.



Discussion:  The Dystopian novel and how it relates to our world



Activity:  Blog Posting#3

After reading The Partials compile a list of social issues that seem interesting from the book.  Write a 1 to 2 sentence explanation of the social issue and why it interests you.  



Activity :  Microtheme 3:  Social Issues in Book

After reading The Partials find three social issues within the book and discuss how they could be turned into a research project.  Your essay should have an introduction and thesis that discusses the three social issues found in the book. You should then go into detail regarding the three issues.  Also, create a conclusion. 


Your essay should be in MLA format and a minimum of 1 page.  Use your Diana Hacker A Pocket Style Manual to help you with basic MLA format.  When you are done, post your paper to Blackboard in the Microtheme 3:  Social Issues in Book Assignment.  For your convenience, I have placed a link to the left to post your paper.