Week 2: Engaging Apolitical Youth


Tuesday (prior to class)

Activity: Reading

Go to the "readings' tab and read the article Engaging Apolictical Youth by Melissa Ames. While reading take notes and annotating the article making sure that you think about some of the main ideas that  Ames is addressing and jotting down any questions or notes that you have for the piece.  Make sure that you look up any words that you don't understand.  Read prior to class on Monday.



Activity:  Blog Posting#2

After reading and annotating  Engaging Apolictical Youth by Melissa Ames please create a blog posting where you discuss the ideas in Ames' discusses article. Please write a 250 response and respond back with 250 words to another blogger. 



Activity:  Microtheme 2:  Summary and Analysis of Engaging Apolitical Youth

After reading and annotating Engaging Apolictical Youth by Melissa Ames and creating a blog posting, please write a one page response that summarizes and analyzes this article.  Make sure that you both touch upon the important parts of the article and analyze what this article is doing. 


Your essay should be in MLA format and a minimum of 1 page.  Use your Diana Hacker A Pocket Style Manual to help you with basic MLA format.  When you are done, post your paper to Blackboard in the Microtheme 2:  Summary and Analysis Ames Assignment.  For your  convenience, I have placed a link to the left to post your paper.