Daily and Weekly Work Information 

Course Information and Website Functionality 


Hi Everyone,


I'm excited for this semester of English 130.  Please become familiar with both our website and Blackboard. We will be using this website on daily basis to look at materials and see what our work for the week will be. We will be using Blackboard to turn in assignments.  Please use the first week to become familiar with both.  I am usually quite "forgiving" the first week or so. After that, I expect that assignments are turned in properly and on time. 


In the drop down menu of "Weekly Work"  you will see a new entry every for each week that we meet.  Please look over the information regarding the  weekly work early in the week.  That way if you have questions you can contact me early on to get the help that you need.


Communication in this class will be key.  Contact me as quickly as possible regarding issues posting, confusion, or worked missed.    Please contact me via email at kcandelaria@csuchico.edu with any questions.  


Good luck!