Week 9: Picking a Research Topic



Activity:  In Class think tank for topics


Activity:  In Class think tank for topics



Activity:  Blog Posting 5

After looking at social issues in the book The Partials, online through the news media, and our in class discussions compile a list of social issues that seem interesting from the book. Write a 2 to 3 sentence explanation of the social issue, why it interests you, and explain where you found it.  



Activity: Microtheme 5:  Picking a Research Topic

After all of the research that you have done find a topic from either the book or your online research that you think that you could do a full blown research project on.  What is the topic? What kind of questions and problems does this topic bring up?  Think about how you could create a full essay from these ideas and use quotes from online sources to support your ideas. Your essay should have an introduction and thesis.  Also, create a conclusion.