Week 14: Working on a Thesis Statement and Organizing our Paper




Activity 1: Creating a Thesis Statement and an Outline

First watch the short video on how to create a Thesis Statement


Second watch the video on  how to create an Outline  







Activity: Microtheme 6:  Making an Outline 

Your outline/inclusive of Thesis Statement  should be in MLA format and a minimum of 1 page.   When you are done, post your paper to Blackboard in the Microtheme 5:  Summary and Analysis Ames Assignment.  For your  convenience, I have placed a link to the left to post your paper.





A draft of your research essay is due soon.


Activity:  Essay#3:  Research Essay

This is it!  It is time to take your research and turn it in to an essay. Here are some guidelines and things to remember:


  1. This is essay is not a report.  Make sure that you are adding something to the conversation.  

  2. Make sure you have a thesis that you will argue in your paper (see point 1)

  3. Don't over paraphrase.  It doesn't work in this sort of paper.  If you have to paraphrase do it sparingly and make sure you cite!

  4. Use the lasagna method.  Start each paragraph with a topic sentence that ties to your thesis.  Use a quote to support your idea. Contextualize and tie this back to your topic sentence. Keep using this method to construct your essay

  5. Don't use back to back quotes (see lasagna method)

  6. Don't start or end paragraphs with quotes (see lasagna method)

  7. Every time you paraphrase or quote, cite with either a signal phrase or parentheical citation

  8. Don't use one source per paragraph (see point 1).  Integrate your sources using examples from multiple sources to support your thesis/topic sentence (see lasagna method)

  9. Have a good introduction that hooks the reader

  10. Have a good conclusion that gives the reader new things or solutions to think about.