Week 15: Looking at our Research Paper




Activity:   Highlighting Exercise in class


This exercise will help you with cohesion of your paper.  We will do this in class on Monday.  Please bring a paper copy of your essay to class. 


1.  Highlight Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences.  The thesis statement should be at the end of the introduction. The topic sentences are the first sentence of every body paragraph.  After you have highlighted them check for these things:

  • the thesis clearly defines the direction of your paper

  • the topic sentences relate back to the thesis points and use similar/like language

  • that you haven't started body paragraphs with quotes.  If you have, change them to a topic sentence

  • In addition, check the last sentence of each body paragraph. If it ends with a quote (quoting and running) fix it by finishing off the paragraph with your idea.

2.   Highlight all quotes and paraphrasing(use a new color).  When considering integration of quotes think of these things:

  • all quotes and paraphrasing require a citation for every sentence cited.  Use either a signal phrase or parenthetical citation

  • quotes 30 words or four lines need be turned into block quotes

  • don't use back to back quotes.  After each quoted contextualize by tying the idea in the quote back to your argument. 

  • don't start paragraphs with quotes (see topic sentences)

  • don't end paragraphs with quotes (see topic sentences)

  • indirect or secondary sources require both a signal phrase introducing the speaker or the quote and a parenthetical citation that gives the information of where the quote was found example:  (qtd. in author page).  



Activity:  Revise Paper and ask questions

Activity : How to do in-text citations

The first video, to your right, shows you how to do Parethetical in-text citations for basic materials like books or articles with page numbers.



Activity:  Peer Review of Essay


We will complete a Peer Review in class.  Please bring a paper copy of your essay to class on Friday for the PR. Students whom fail to bring a printed full draft (5- 6 pages and works cited page) to class will forfeit the opportunity to complete the PR and will miss our on the 25 points.


Remember revision is more than just fixing spelling errors.  You should look at the cohesion of your paper.  How are all of the parts working together?  You should also take into consideration some of the comments that your peer has given you.  Remember the big picture.  What is your essay trying to accomplish?  Is it doing that?  How do all of the parts work together?  Is there a thesis statement?  Remember revision and editing are different. Make sure you do both.  Your final grade will take into consideration where your paper started and where it ended up. There should be a change, and not just in spelling and errors. 


After you are done revising and editing turn your paper into Blackboard i.  Make sure that you follow the instructions: 


Your essay should be in MLA format and a minimum of a full to 5 to 6 pages with an additional works cited page.  Papers that do not include a works cited page will receive a significant reduction in points. Use your Diana Hacker A Pocket Style Manual to help you with basic MLA format.